Tiny Houses and Creative Spaces

I recently came across a show called Tiny House Hunters on HGTV and I have become obsessed with Tiny Houses.  I don’t actually want to live in a Tiny House.  I can’t imagine paring down all of my worldly possessions to live in a space less than 500 square feet (my husband said my shoes would need their own Tiny House).   And living in that small of a space with another person and a large dog would probably make me claustrophobic, but what I really want is a Tiny House in my backyard to use as my own dedicated writing studio, office and creative space.

Tiny House

(Photo from bhg.com)

I have discovered that I need a space that inspires me to think and read and create.  It rejuvenates and relaxes me.  We do not have a big enough house for me to have a room that is dedicated only to me.  Our space at home is multi-use which I generally have decorated with art and items that I love, but I have still tried to carve out some spaces in some of those rooms that are just for me.

We have a screened-in back porch that in the summer I use as my creative space although it also doubles as entertaining space.   I have decorated it entirely with items that inspire me.  It has twinkle lights and paper lanterns strung from the rafters that provide lighting in the evening.  The color scheme of pinks, reds and turquoise give me joy when I sit there.  And most importantly it offers a fresh breeze and the green garden landscape as its background.  I spend most of my free time in the summer sitting there reading, writing and just breathing.  I also love to share that space with my family and friends.  I have found that because it is a space that inspires me, those  people that I  love gravitate to it as well for drinks and good company.



I have more trouble with my creative space once the temperature dips below comfortable “porch-sitting weather.”  Last year for my birthday, my husband bought me a vintage desk that had been repainted pink and finished with knobs that have little green crowns on them.  I call it my “Queen Desk.”  It’s not quite the Resolute Desk, but this was one of the best gifts he could have given me because he knew I was looking for a creative space in the house.  I put the desk in a corner of our guest room.  I thought it would give me that same inspired feeling as our screened-in porch.  The room has plenty of light and is painted a soft light lavender color.  However, despite some effort it is just not a spot I want to sit and be for long periods of time.  It just does not inspire me.  My chair is uncomfortable and often our guest room acts as an overflow closet with items that have not yet found a permanent home in our house.  And even when the mess is cleaned up it still feels like I am just sitting in a bedroom.

So my project between now and the end of porch season is to improve my indoor creative space.  Especially when the winter comes and I am cooped up inside, it is so important to have that spot where you can feel your best and work on some inspiring projects.   I’ll also keep dreaming and designing my Tiny House for the backyard someday.

Do you have some place that you have created just for you that inspires you?  Any tips for creating that space?




2 thoughts on “Tiny Houses and Creative Spaces

  1. I love your blog! I am so fortunate to have two sacred spaces in my house. I have a small three season porch at the front of my home where you will find me most evenings with candles lit. For colder months, I have a loft in my bedroom accessed by a circular staircase. In these spaces, I read, journal and meditate. I have piles of books, candles, pictures and special souvenirs from our travels in my spaces. Yes…find your own space. It doesn’t have to big. But make it your own. A quiet place to retreat and rejuvenate. Thank you dear Pam!


    • Thanks, Jane! We are having a lot of fun with it right now and enjoying the ride. You do have two lovely sacred spaces. I have my sun room, but am still working on my winter space. Thank you so much for your comments.


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