Fruit Infused Water

We always hear about the importance of drinking enough water, particularly during the hot summer months.  Water flushes toxins from our bodies, boosts our metabolism, keeps the body moving while we sweat, helps prevent kidney stones and constipation, supports healthy skin tone, etc…..Basically water is essential for our health and well being.

For me, drinking plain old water is well, boring.  I know I don’t drink as much as I should and I’m not a big fan of the flavored waters you can purchase, so I started infusing my own water with seasonal fruits and some fresh herbs from my garden.  It’s so easy and for the most part, you can use any combination of fruits that you love.  The water is full of natural flavor and has no chemicals or calories. You can make the water by the glass or you can purchase a fruit infusion pitcher and keep it in the fridge.  Simply add your choice of fruits and/or herbs to your favorite glass, ice and water.  That’s it.  The longer you let the fruit water sit, the more it infuses.

Here are some of my favorites:

-Lemon with fresh mint

-Blueberry and strawberry

-Lemon and cucumber

-Strawberry, basil and cucumber

-Lemon and raspberry

-Lemon and lime

-Orange, mint, and rosemary



I love trying different combinations of fruits and herbs.  I also like infusing fruit in coconut water.  It adds a little extra flavor,  plus coconut water contains potassium and a little sodium which the body needs if you are sweating.

So if you’re tired of plain old water, give this a try.

Enjoy your Monday.



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