Dog Days of Summer

For most of us, we’ve entered that kind of transition or shift from summer to autumn. Six months ago, we experienced a similar transition from winter to spring. Suddenly, my garden, which was spectacular just a few weeks ago, looks tired and overgrown. My once thick and green tomato plants, while still bearing fruit, are turning yellow and wilting. The birds have quieted down, and the bird houses are now empty with remnants of their carefully constructed nests peeking out of the entrance. I’ve noticed the squirrels rummaging in pots for bulbs, and yesterday I saw my first V formation of geese.  However the heat and humidity remind me that it’s not quite time to start thinking about pumpkins, taffy apples, and the sound of leaves crunching beneath my feet on morning walks.

Officially, the dog days of summer are the days between July 3 and August 11. However, for  many of us, the sultry temps of summer can last well into September. Interestingly, the dog days of summer have little to do with our furry companions, but rather refer to the dog star Sirius, which astronomers have recorded as a bright star that rises and sets with the sun, shining only during daylight hours. This occurs during the hottest part of the summer in July and the beginning of August. In Greek mythology, Sirius is the name of the dog of Orion, which gives the star its connection to man’s best friend.


                                  Sawyer enjoying the dog days

Although I love the warm temperatures and long days of summer and hate to say goodbye, I remind myself that there is beauty in every season, and I allow myself to be carried by the gentle hands of time. So many of us are consumed with the structure and demands (school, work, the stress of the impending holiday season) of fall that we tend to overlook the extraordinary beauty of the fall season right outside our windows.

I hope you all enjoy these last weeks of summer.


Posted in May

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