A Little Vintage Styling

Throughout time, women have loved their handbags, and I’m no exception. I cannot walk through Nordstrom without taking a quick peek at the latest arrivals, and always beautiful classics…..you just never know.  I do the same thing in the shoe department, but today we’ll stick with purses.  My mom and I have always loved everything vintage, especially Victorian accessories.  We use them in our decorating, but also love bringing a touch of something old to our personal style. Years ago, while in a local antique store, I came across a lovely red beaded Victorian bag, the perfect accessory to a little black cocktail dress.


That handbag was followed by more of the same era, as well as bags up through the fifties.  I loved that they were not mass produced, but rather beautifully constructed, each one unique, beautiful, and truly a work of art. So I decided to display them as such.



I found a basic black frame in the clearance aisle at Michaels, which I hung on the wall in my powder room.  I then arranged my favorite vintage bags inside the frame.  Vintage collections can include necklaces, bracelets, pocket watches, eyeglasses,  etc…. The frame grounds the collection and makes it feel like a work of art.  You can have fun with the frames too.  There are loads of vintage frames out there that you can use as is, or you can give them a personal touch with a coat of paint.


We all have that drawer, or box in the closet filled with grandma’s collections of jewelry and odds and ends.  Instead of keeping these treasures hidden away, why not give them new life by giving them a special place in your home? ~May

For more on displaying vintage pieces, check out this link.



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