Art in the Park

Recently, May and June attended the annual Walk in the Park Art Fair, in suburban downtown Arlington Heights, IL.  This fair is a wonderful opportunity for local artists to display and sell  their original works of art including paintings, photography, pottery, jewelry, sculpture, and clothing accessories. It was a very sultry Sunday the day of the show, however the heat didn’t stop people from enjoying the interesting booths, whether just window shopping, or on the hunt for a specific piece.  We have both attended this art show in prior years and the setting is beautiful and it is big enough to have a bit of variety, but not too big where you get overwhelmed by the number of vendors.


June was looking for an interesting piece of jewelry.  Remember, she has what feels like a million weddings to attend this year, one this upcoming weekend.  And the dress code for the wedding had changed a bit so she needed a piece of jewelry to wear with a different dress.  She was successful.


They also had a demonstration of throwing pottery by a local business, Thrown Elements.  This is on our list of fun things to do.  We’ll either paint some ceramics, or maybe even try our hand at getting muddy and creating our own pottery.


There was some lovely artwork that we also enjoyed.  May has this water color hanging in her home.


We thought these were cute Halloween decorations for pumpkins.

Pumpkin Holders

And we found this sea monster hiding in the bushes.

Sea Monster

All in all it was a lovely morning to enjoy some art.   If you have art shows in your community,  it is a wonderful way to enjoy someone else’s creativity and maybe find your own inspiration.  Have a good weekend.  –May and June



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